Special Events

Mad Batter Baker is here to help you make any event special! We will happily work closely with you to design a package that suits both your budget and your taste.

We specializes in creating specialty cakes, unique cupcake displays, dessert tables, and favor boxes with customizable flavors, colors, and decorations that can be tailored specifically for your event.

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties
  • Graduations
  • Baby Showers & Gender Reveals
  • Christenings & Naming Ceremonies
  • Holiday Parties

Please contact us for more information on custom options and how we can make your next special event a deliciously memorable one.



Specialty cakes begin at $2 per serving.
Fondant cakes begin at $5 per serving.

Starting at $32 per dozen.

Cake Truffles & Cake Pops
Starting at $20 per dozen.

All custom work is priced at cost, including fondant decorations, sugar flowers, piping details, specialty toppers, wrappers, and chocolate designs.

Please contact us for additional information.

Serving Guide

Serving Guide

Not sure what size cake you need?  Use our handy dandy cake serving guide to find out!

Cake Tasting and Event Consultation

Cake Tasting and Event Consultation

When choosing a bakery for your next special event, it is just as important for your cake to taste as wonderful as it looks!  Mad Batter Baker is proud to offer the opportunity to sample our extensive tasting menu while assisting to design a one-of-a-kind event.

Cake Tastings and Event Consultations are available for all events with 75+ people.  A $25 Consultation and Cake Tasting Fee is required; however, this fee is applied directly toward your final balance if you book your Special Event with us.

What does your Cake Tasting and Event Consultation include?

  • Cake Tasting for up to six people.
    • Additional tasting plates can be prepared for $10/person.  This fee, however, is not applied toward your final balance.
  • Your choice of five cake flavors, five frostings and five fillings from our complete menu
  • An hour of designer face time
  • Design sketches (if applicable)
  • Follow-up contact as needed until the day of your Special Event

To see our full menu and to schedule your tasting and event consultation, submit the below form. A minimum of one week’s notice is required.

Special Event Consultation & Tasting Menu

  • Event Details

  • And now for the fun part...



Tips & Tricks for Your Tasting

Making Your Selections

  • We know that the number of options may seem a little intimidating.  Try to think out what combinations you think will work well together and not just pick individual options that sound good to you on their own.  You don’t want to be stuck with a Honey Mousse filling that doesn’t pair with anything else on your plate.
  • Keep in mind that you are feeding a lot of people and not everyone may have the same tastes as you.  Try to pick out a safer option or two to sample because Grandma may not be as crazy about Matcha as you are.
  • Remember that some people have food allergies.  Flavors like Wedding Cake and Almond contain nuts, Peanut Butter has peanuts, and most cakes contain dairy and eggs.  If you have any known allergies to work around and need some advice, please do not hesitate to ask.   An allergic reaction is probably not a part of your Scheduled Entertainment for the day.
  • Some ingredients are seasonal.  Fruits and Vegetables have peak months for flavor; just because you can buy strawberries in Winter, it does not mean that we can make them taste like much of anything.  Peppermint may sound good when you are scheduling your tasting in December, but it probably will not be as endearing at your wedding in June.



  • All of our produce-based cakes are made with 100% all-natural fruits and vegetable.  We advise that you stick to what is seasonally available for the best taste and lowest price.
  • The chemical reaction between the acidity of some fruits and the leaveners can cause a color change that you may not expect.  For example, Raspberry tends to bake up a bluish color and Blackberry is a purplish-green.  Sometimes, it is best to get your fruit fix through the fillings or frostings.
  • If you would like for us to artificially flavor the cake with things like Jello mixes, you probably have the wrong bakery.
  • Vegan cakes cannot be larger than 10″-12″.  Without things like eggs, they tend to not have the chemical structure to hold up across a larger surface area.   Consider opting for a smaller cake supplemented with cupcakes or additional cake.



  • If you need pure white frosting, make sure to tick “I prefer my frosting to be white” when making your selections.  Please keep in mind, though, that white frosting is made with shortening and clear, artificially flavored extracts – and it tends to taste like it.  Butter is yellow, vanilla is brown, and both impact the coloring.
  • Meringue buttercreams are a little less sweet than the standard American buttercreams.  If you would like to try one, just let us know.  They aren’t always crazy about heat or humidity, though.
  • The color of the frosting on the plate will be the color of the frosting on your cake.  Unless you want a magenta wedding cake, don’t waste one of your frosting selections on something like Raspberry Buttercream.  You can still have your raspberries and eat them too with options like Raspberry Curd, Preserves, or Mousse.



  • If you don’t want to fuss with fillings, you absolutely do not have to make any filling selections.  You will certainly not be the first person to be happy with nothing more than just more frosting between the cake layers.
  • Some fillings are more intended for cupcakes than for full-sized cakes.  Not everything can be adequately incorporated into a larger format, such as Sugar Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, or Graham Cracker Crusts.  If you have something that seems like it might be questionable, just ask!  We will either tell you how amazing it can actually be or give you a couple of suggestions of how you can achieve a similar taste without the fear of weird texture issues.
  • “Curd” is just the term for making a custard out of fruit.  It is an unfortunate sounding word, but the end result is delicious.
  • “Preserves” are essentially jams made with whole fruit pieces.  Try a “compote” if you are looking for something a little less, well, jammy.
  • “Ganache” can be served as a solid, like a truffle, whipped, like a mousse, or poured over top like a gorgeous bonbon.
  • There is not a huge difference in taste between puddings and pastry creams.  Puddings are just slightly thicker pastry creams.  If you want to get all technical, puddings use whole eggs instead of separated eggs, which makes them a little bit more mild in taste but thicker in consistency.


It can create flawless finishes and exceptional design details that frosting cannot always achieve.

  • If you want the taste of a real buttercream frosting but still would like the look of a pure white cake, fondant is your gal!
  • Fondant cannot be placed over cream cheese frosting.  The extra moisture in cream cheese frostings melts the sugars in the fondant, and you probably don’t want that kind of mess at your event.  Stick to the buttercreams.


Cutting Costs
Special Events can get pretty expensive quickly, and we get that not everyone has a giant budget to play with.  We will happily work with you to cut costs without necessarily cutting style.

  • Stay in season.  Some ingredients can be 4-5x more expensive out-of-season, and that’s a lot of money to pay for something that isn’t going to taste nearly as good as it would at its peak.  We’re looking at you, berries…
  • Use natural flowers from a florist rather than have us create flowers out of gumpaste or modeling chocolate.  Mother Nature does a pretty good job, and she can usually do it for less.  Unless you want something out-of-season…then, we will grab our gumpaste cutters.
  • Nix the fondant.  It’s awesome, but it can also be awesomely expensive.  Fondant can easily double the cost of your cake, so if you can do without it – even just partially – it is a quick way to save.  We can always add fondant accents on top of buttercream instead of the full shebang and still achieve a similar look.
  • Scale down your design.  Instead of having labor-intensive scrollwork on all your cake tiers, considering having it on just one or even alternating tiers.
  • Check with your venue and caterer about cake stands.  Nowadays, both tend to have an option or two that they include as part of their special event package.  It may not be the widest selection, but hey, it’s free.


Preparing for Your Consultation

  • Go ahead and send us your design ideas, vision boards, or inspirations ahead of time.  It helps our decorators to brainstorm ideas, which allows for us to be able to better discuss a variety of options.
  • Have a rough idea of how much cake you need.  Not everyone you invite will attend, and not everyone who attends may want cake.  Even if you are a cake junkie, you may not want to be stuck with an extra hundred servings of it.
  • It may seem like we are asking a lot of random questions, but there is a method to our madness…most days.  Be ready to answer questions, like:
    • “How would you like your frosting textured?”
    • “What time can we get into the venue for setup?”
    • “Is there a dedicated dessert table?”
    • “Who is adding the floral garnishments?”
    • “Is there a cake topper?”
    • “Do you plan to save the top tier for your first anniversary?”
    • “Do you want a cake stand?”
    • “What style/color/size/material cake stand would you like?”
  • And, finally, be prepared with questions of your own.  We will obviously answer any questions that may pop up from now until your event (and beyond), but you have our undivided attention for this one-on-one time, so use it!